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夜谷知识小课堂 -1- Did you know that...

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整理了一些大家可能已经遗忘了但是依然有趣的夜谷小知识。资料来源:Welcome to Night Vale past podcasts,Welcome to Night Vale wiki,。请勿私自转载,谢谢。


夜谷里大约百分之五十三的居民及其他生物都感知不到疼痛。Approximately 53% of the population of Night Vale cannot feel pain.

Cecil Palmer的中名是"Gershwin"。(注:中名即姓和名中间的名字,日常很少会用到)Cecil Palmer has a middle name, it's "Gershwin".


Carlos的姓到现在都是未知的。We still don't know the last name of Carlos.

截止第128集,共有14个实习生被证实已死亡、失踪、变为非人生物,或迷失在时空中。Up until episode No.128, a total of 14 interns have been confirmed to be dead, went MIA/KIA, being turned into nonhuman beings, or lost in time and space.

Cecil曾经也是一位夜谷社区电台的实习生。Cecil used to be an intern at Night Vale Community Radio too.

光明会在夜谷里有十个派系:红,绿,鹰,第四派系,真•光明会,另一个真•光明会,又是红,阿尔法,风鹿,以及饥饿人冷冻食品官方冠名赞助光明会。Illuminati has 10 factions in Night Vale: Red, Green, Eagle, Faction Four, the Real Illuminati, the Other Real Illuminati, Red Again, Alpha, Windhind and Hungry Man Brand Frozen Foods Officially Sponsored Illuminati.

大里科的比萨店不卖隐形派,月光通宵餐厅才卖。他们同时还卖隐形和显形咖啡。Big Rico's Pizza does not sell invisible pie, Moonlite All-Nite Diner does. They also sell both invisible and visible coffee. 

所有的天使都叫Erika,并且没有辨认性别的能力。All angels are called Erika and without the ability to identify gender.

粉丝是不被允许售卖夜谷周边的。然而,粉丝们可以产出周边,只要他们不从中获利。Fans are not authorised to sell Night Vale Merchandise. It is, however, okay to produce them if no profit was made.

含糊又险恶的政府机构正在看着。同样看着的还有秘密住在家里的无脸老妇。The vague yet menacing government agency is watching You. So is the Faceless Old Woman who secretly lives in your house.

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