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夜谷知识小课堂 -5- Did you know that…

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整理了一些大家可能已经遗忘了但是依然有趣的夜谷小知识。资料来源:Welcome to Night Vale past podcasts,Welcome to Night Vale wiki,Night Vale Motifs, Marisha Pessl- An Interview with Joseph Fink & Jeffery Cranor。请勿私自转载,谢谢。


“心”这个词在第一集到第40集里出现过70多次。The word "heart" appeared more 70 times from episode 1 to 40. 

鹰,麻雀,鸽子,蜂鸟,以及隼在夜谷都是常见鸟类。Eagles, sparrows, pigeons, hummingbirds, and hawks are considered "common birds" in Night Vale.

夜谷里有已死亡及正在死亡的神。There are dead and/or dying gods in Night Vale. 

被古董咬过的人也会变成古董。People turn into Antiques after being bitten by one (or many).

除了双头蜘蛛眼长耳鹿,在夜谷世界观里还出现过带辐射的四手鹿(在漠崖里)以及StrexCorp生产的时空穿梭鹿(有可能在任何地方出现)。Other than the two-headed spider-eyed mule deer, in the Night Vale universe there also exists radioactive four-armed deers (in Desert Bluffs) and StrexCorp produced time-traveling deer (could be anywhere). 

任何一只鹿都被叫做“鹿”。All deers are named "Deer".

夜谷里的狗品种包括蜘蛛狼,双狼,刀刃可折叠的山犬,秘密小猎犬,食肉獚狗,腹蛇,以及桌锯。Dog breeds in Night Vale include spider wolves, double wolves, switch-bladed mountain dogs, secret terriers, flesh-eating spaniels, pit vipers and table saws.

Carlos去做了咽喉手术的原因就是为了预防咽喉蜘蛛。The reason that Carlos underwent throat surgery is to prevent throat spiders. 

Jeffery Cranor害怕蜘蛛,特别是它们的脸。Jeffery Cranor is afraid of spiders, especially their faces.

市议会想再次提醒各位不要看向你的桌子底下,那里完全没有蜘蛛或任何其它生物。重复一遍,你的桌子底下没有任何东西,不要再找了!The city council would like to kindly remind you that you SHOULD NOT look under your table, there are no spiders or other creatures there. I repeat, there is absolute NOTHING under your table, stop looking!

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