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夜谷知识小课堂 -Cecil特辑- Did you know that...

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Cecil特辑。资料来源:Welcome to Night Vale past podcasts,Welcome to Night Vale wiki,。请勿私自转载,谢谢。


Cecil Palmer不会游泳。Cecil Palmer does not know how to swim.

Cecil有感知痛觉的能力。Cecil is able to feel pain.

Cecil同时还害怕看向镜子,以防有人有一天将他杀死并/或将他的灵魂带到镜子深处。这就是说,他并不清楚自己现在具体长什么样。Cecil is also afraid of looking into mirrors, in case he is killed by someone that involves mirror and/or his soul being taken into the dark of the mirror. Thus, he is not aware of his recent physical features.  

Cecil的家庭包括已去世了的母亲,姐姐Abby,外甥女Janice,还有姐夫Steve Carlsberg。 Janice的亲生父亲并不是Steve Carlsberg。 Cecil's family consists of a deceased mother, Abby as his older sister Abby, Janice as his niece, and Steve Carlsberg as his brother-in-law. Steve Carlsberg is not Abby's birth father.

Cecil,他的母亲,Abby以及Steve Carlsberg都是从夜谷社区高中毕业的。Cecil, his mother, Abby and Steve Carlsberg all graduated from Night Vale High School.

Cecil曾经是夜谷童子军的成员。Cecil used to be a boy scout. 

Cecil有一次在两周内养死了一只仓鼠。Cecil used to have a hamster that died after two weeks in his care.

Cecil写过大白鲨的男男同人文以及汉尼拔的同人文。Cecil has written a Jaws slash fic and several Hannibal fanfics.

Cecil看起来非常年轻,只比他15岁时成熟了一些。Cecil looks very young, only a little bit more mature than his 15-year-old self. 

Cecil Baldwin没有头发。(注:baldwin里bald意为“秃”)Cecil Baldwin is bald. 

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