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夜谷知识小课堂 -3- Did you know that...

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整理了一些大家可能已经遗忘了但是依然有趣的夜谷小知识。资料来源:Welcome to Night Vale past podcasts,Welcome to Night Vale wiki,。请勿私自转载,谢谢。

Cecil是犹太族裔。Cecil is Jewish. 

电台台猫Khoshekh不能被拍摄。所有这样干过的人都在一周内去世了。 Khoshekh the station cat cannot be photographed. Every person that did died within a week. 

Carlos对猫过敏。Carlos is allergic to cats. 

Cecil和Carlos的第一次约会在吉诺的意大利用餐体验及烧烤及酒吧。他们好像知道现在都没有向市议会提交标准约会结束报告。The first date of Cecil and Carlos was at Gino's Italian Dining Experience and Grill and Bar. They presumably still haven't submited the Standard End-of-Date Report to the City Council.

你讨厌隐形派。You hate invisible pie. 


Desert Bluffs (or what used to be it) is at the south of Night Vale. Remember the first ever proverb? "Look to the north. Keep looking. There's nothing coming from the south."

天使们并没有真实存在的身体,他们是被看到他们且相信他们的人梦到的。这样的话,他们的特征完全取决于见到他们的人相信什么。Angels have no physical bodies and are dreamed up by the ones who saw and believed in them. Thus, their features depends wholly on what you believe in.

夜谷童子军有以下等级:幼童军,童子军,鹰童军,血契童军,怪童军,无畏童军,黑暗童军,恐惧童军,以及不朽童军。千万不要成为不朽童军。The Night Vale Boy Scouts are ranked as followings: Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, Blood Pact Scout, Weird Scout, Dreadnaught Scout, Dark Scout, Fear Scout, and Eternal Scout. Never ever be an Eternal Scout.

每集WTNV最后的谚语是由Joseph Fink的妻子——Meg Bashwiner——所读出的。(注:Joseph Fink是欢迎来到夜谷的两名作者之一)The lady who voiced the proverb at the end of the episodes, Meg Bashwiner, is Joseph Fink's wife. 

托咖啡店员工的福,你只能在夜谷咖啡店里点意大利浓咖啡——或是加了一剂夜谷精髓的意大利浓咖啡。You can only order espresso or espresso with a shot of the spirit of Night Vale in every Night Vale coffee shop, courtesy of the baristas. 

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