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夜谷知识小课堂—夜谷居民大致外形特征 Physical Features of Them

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整理了一下夜谷(以及漠崖)几位最受欢迎的角色的大致外貌特征。资料来源:Welcome to Night Vale past podcasts,Welcome to Night Vale wiki,。请勿私自转载,谢谢。



Cecil Palmer
Cecil不高不矮,不胖不瘦,有着与Kevin相似的头发及鼻子,以及与Kevin不同的眼睛。穿着奇特,有着另类的时尚感。在与Carlos约会时穿了短袍和毛绒裤,并且还有更多的短袍。他有很大可能性是水瓶座的。Cecil is not tall or short, not fat or thin. He has hair and nose similar to Kevin’s, and eyes unlike Kevin’s. He has a weird sense of fashion and wears strange combinations of clothes. He wore his tunic and furry pants to his first date with Carlos, and most likely has more than one tunics. He is probably an Aquarius.

Carlos是一位拉丁裔科学家,被提到过是金牛座的。他有着深色的皮肤以及一头完美的、额头两侧带着一丝银发的黑发。他有着强硬的方下巴以及整齐的牙齿。他大约30-40岁左右,经常穿着白大褂,在同Cecil约会时穿了一件法兰绒衬衫(格子衬衫)和合身牛仔裤。Carlos is a latino scientist and mentioned to be a Taurus. He has dark skin, perfect black hair if not with a touch of silver at his temples, and about 30-40 years old. He has a strong, square jaw and tidy teeth. He wears lab coats a lot and wore a flannel shirt along with well-fitted jeans while on the date with Cecil. 

Kevin不高不矮,不胖不瘦。他有着黑色但失踪了的眼睛,大概是被烫伤过的手掌,穿着风格时尚且带着血渍的衬衫,并戴着深色墨镜。在Cecil发现的一张照片里曾穿着领带,被Cecil形容为长得“像魔鬼”。在反抗StrexCorp失败后被其致残。Kevin is not tall or short, not fat or thin. He has dark but missing eyes, presumably scalded hands, wears fashionable but bloodstained shirt and dark sunglasses. Used to wear ties in a photograph found by Cecil, and described by Cecil that he looked “a devil of a man”. Physically mutilated after failed to rebel against StrexCorp. 

Khoshekh是被夜谷社区电台作为台宠领养的公猫。他飘在离地四英尺的高度上,通过喝自来水和电台男性成员为他留下的猫粮存活。他生了一窝同样在男厕所里漂浮的小猫,他们则后来长出了有毒的脊椎突刺以及毒囊。Khoshekh现在缺少一只眼睛和一部分爪子,而且他的颅骨是完全可见的。Khoshekh is the male cat adopted by Night Vale Community Radio as the station pet. He floats 4 feet off the ground, lives off tap water and cat food left on the counter by male members of the station. He gave birth to a litter of kittens, also floating in the men’s bathroom, and which grew poisonous spine ridges along with venom sacs. Khoshekh is currently missing an eye and a portion of his paw, and his skull is entirely visible. 

发光云(万岁) Glow Cloud (all hail)
发光云(万岁!)是一个无比强大的存在,现在是夜谷校董会主席。它能够变幻为无数种颜色,并会发出一种低沉的、类似口哨声的声音。它曾经在夜谷里下已经死亡的小型动物。它大概有半个夜谷那么大,虽然它有变化体型的能力。记录它的录像都变黑了并带有一股淡淡的香草味。The Glow Cloud (all hail!) is an immensely powerful entity currently serving as the president of the Night Vale School Board. It glows a variety of colours and produces a low, whistling voice. It once rained small dead creatures all over Night Vale. It’s size is approximately half of Night Vale’s, although it is known to be able to change sizes. Recordings of it turns out to be black and smelling faintly of vanilla.

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